NFLUK College Football Poll 2014, Week 3

Oregon held onto their #1 ranking with a 48-14 win over Wyoming that was a matter of meeting expectations. They still have the best out-of-conference result out of anyone, and start Pac-12 play this week with a trip to a Washington State team boasting losses to Rutgers and Nevada.

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NFLUK College Football Poll 2014, Week 2

Welcome to the NFLUK College Football Poll for 2014! With the all new playoff and an extra bowl in the used-to-be-BCS rotation, the significance of rankings beyond #2 suddenly increases, and the nuance of individual pollsters results also comes into play.

Of course, also gone this year is the rule that limited the number of teams a conference can send to the big New Year’s Bowls, so get ready to be swamped with SEC teams come January football. If the final rankings match our first NFLUK poll of the year, that could come to pass…

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College Football UK TV Listings – Week 3

As has been noted in previous years, this isn’t always a glorious few weeks for coverage. The next two weekends sees the Aussie Rules semi-finals, and the MLB season is reaching it’s sharp end, then there’s the baseball playoffs to screw us over… But by mid-October we’ll be fine, and all we’ll have to worry about is those damn Fox Sports games.

Rather peturbingly, in the 8.30pm slot we haven’t got the CBS game, featuring #6 Georgia @ #24 South Carolina in the only all-ranked tie of the round. Instead we get the unranked matchup of Arkansas and Texas Tech – the live only game on TV without a ranked team this week. This could be a sign of things to come…

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College Football UK TV Listings – Week 1

Hello, and welcome to the 2014-15 College Football Season! Needless to say, I’m quite excited, not only because there’s actual football happening, not only because we finally get a playoff (such as it is), but because I’m actually going to be at one of the Week 1 games – the Croke Park Classic in Dublin!

UCF stomped on Penn State last year (although the final scoreline made it seem closer), but it will be interesting to see how Nittany Lions’ stud QB Christian Hackenburg has come on against what promises to be a still-very-good Knights’ defense. The game is one of ELEVEN live games across the BT Sport stable this weekend.

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Looking back at the 2011 Bronco draft

They say that you can’t judge how good a team’s NFL draft class is until three years later. In my prep for this year’s, I’m taking a look at how John Fox did in his first draft as head coach in Denver, back in 2011: 


1st round, #2: Von Miller, LB, Texas A&M
The 2011 DROY, second in the 2012 DPOY, and considerably noticeable by his absence in 2013, where the bonehead stuff in the summer counts against him. On the field grade would be A+, but the off-field brings it down to Grade: A-

2nd round, #45: Rahim Moore, S, UCLA
It’s a real shame that Rahim will probably forever be linked with that play about which we will never talk of again. Beyond that, he’s a solid starter in a position that takes a few years to bed into. Grade: B+

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Where’s the next Bashley? Clue: It won’t be long coming


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Originally posted on Game of the People:

Wivenhoe, where Icarus once lived...

Wivenhoe, where Icarus once lived…

As sad at it is that Bashley are on the verge of collapse, no longer able to support football at Step 3, or indeed any step, we shouldn’t be too surprised that yet another non-league club looks set to bite the dust. You don’t have to look too far to see that year-by-year, the list grows of clubs that are living beyond their means or have lost the financial clout they once had.

In the mid-1990s, Wivenhoe Town’s ground was a monument to thwarted ambition. The groundwork for a stand to match their once considerable ambitions stood unfinished. Again, it shouldn’t have come as a great revelation to people, for Wivenhoe has a population of 7,000 and the standard ratio of audience to population would give them a crowd of 70. But Wivenhoe went through a spell where they were able to attract big-name players…

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Championship Sunday

So, here we are. AFC Championship Sunday. The last time we were here, 8 years ago, we had one of the more unexpected regular seasons to end up #2 seed with Jake Plummer at QB, but it was still a massive upset to lose to the #6 Steelers.

I prefer to remember the Championship Games of 1997 and 98 where, stung by an upset defeat in the 96 playoffs, our 36-year-old QB with questions about his legacy without a ring led the team to back-to-back Super Bowl wins. Sounds vaguely familiar, eh?

The Championship Games before then were a little before my time of watching live, but I was brought up on stories and VHS videos of The Drive and The Fumble.

Couple all that with my intent hatred of all things New England Patriots, and tonight takes on a very important hue. I’m nervous, yeah, but we’ll succeed when #UnitedInOrange.

College Football UK TV Listings – Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of the college football season, ladies and gentlemen. We have a slate of five live games and just one as-live to sate our appetites, but ultimately the options weren’t that great in the first place. Tonight’s ACC matchup is certainly interesting, and is Clemson’s first opportunity for their annual in-conference mess-up, and Friday night’s game out West could decide who wins the MWC, but beyond that it gets a bit… bland.

GameDay is coming from North Dakota State this week, which is a sweet gesture of ESPN, if a little bizarre; San Jose State and Minnesota is a matchup I doubt many will be itching to see; and Tennesse and Florida isn’t quite the close rivalry it once was. Even Sunday’s as-live game is hurt by both teams’ subpar seasons so far.

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NFLUK FBS Week 3 Top 25

College football's only two quarterbacks, apparently

College football’s only two quarterbacks, apparently

Let’s not pretend last week was about anything other than Alabama overcoming their biggest test of the year, and Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel’s incredible solo performance against Nick Saban’s defense. Defeat by just seven points to the then-unanimous #1 sees the Aggies drop five spots in our ranking, but hang onto their top ten spot by their fingernails.

This week is a little “after the Lord Mayor’s show”, to be honest, with only a couple of our top 25 even facing a moderate test – Stanford hosting Arizona State, and LSU hosting Auburn. For there to be much change next week, something pretty spectacular will have had to happen…

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College Football UK TV Listings – Week 3


No sooner does the dust settle on Week 2, as Week 3 is upon us. Here’s what college football is slated to be on ESPN this weekend:

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