CFB 2017, Week 5 UKTV Guide

You can tell that the college football season is getting good when it’s really tricky to pick what’s the best game on the coming slate. Last week was a week of thrilling finishes and a couple of surprises, and there is an intriguing selection of ranked clashes and trap games to choose from as September turns into October.

With five of the top 25 on bye weeks, and six more facing each other, the “full listings” looks a bit shorter this week, but what it lacks in quantity it looks like more than making up for in quality, with even the midweek games being high quality:

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CFB 2017, Week 4 UKTV Guide

Holy moly, this season is absolutely flying past. We mark the quarter-way point of the season on Saturday, and still the season barely feels like it’s got going. That may change this week as conference play begins in earnest across the country.

Not only that, someone in BT HQ must be feeling bad for all the schedule space the baseball is about to take up, providing SIX live games on Saturday alone and a rare Thursday-night double-header (yes, I know one is an FCS game). So, where will our big shock come from this week?

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TST Week 2 Top 25

The highlight this week was clearly Oklahoma’s stunning victory over Ohio State in Columbus. That win, coupled with an impressive week 1 performance, was enough to move them up to #2 in our poll breathing heavily down Alabama’s neck.

Clemson solidified themselves and #3, and USC crept ahead of Penn State as last-team-in, but the big questions were how to deal with one-loss teams Ohio State, Florida State and Auburn. #10 Ohio State slips eight spots, but the polls were all over the place.

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CFB 2017, Week 3 UKTV Guide

I know this is a very trifling concern given the very scary reality, but Hurricane Irma is really confusing my college football listings. The early releases had Miami and Florida State as the “primetime” game on Saturday night, but that has now been postponed until October to give more time to recover from the effects of the weather.

The cancellation leaves an already weak slate of games even thinner, with just two all-ranked clashes (and one of those barely gets the pulse racing). In fact, at the time of writing on Monday afternoon, BT Sport still hadn’t chosen their 5pm Saturday game, possibly through lack of options. No such issue in the late slot though:

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CFB 2017, Week 2 UKTV Guide

Right, let’s take a breath shall we? That’s what most of the programmes who scheduled big games last week are going to do. With Week 1 out of the way, and with conference play still a ways off, not only to we have precious little all-ranked action this week, but there’s not a huge amount of all-Power 5 action either.

That collective taking of breath seems to have had an impact on the schedulers over at BT Sport who not only carve off the first hour of College Gameday from Columbus (the heathens!), but don’t even offer a 5pm game at all because there’s a Bundesliga game on instead! Thank goodness, therefore, (and I never thought I’d say these words) for Ohio State and Oklahoma…

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