CFB 2016 Week 4 UKTV Guide

I can’t really put another Louisville clip here after using the hurdle play last week, so here’s something else instead. Hopefully we get through this week without any frickin’ lasers:

There’s just three all-ranked games this week, two of which are on the BT family with the third free on Eversport, and five ranked teams have a bye this week. Here’s this week’s full listings:

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CFB 2016 Week 3 UKTV Guide

For all the threat of damp squib, last week’s games still provided a thrill or two for those prepared to game-hop a little, not least Clemson struggling to put Troy away and Georgia’s hanging on against FCS Nicholls State.

This week, we get 2016’s first all-top-10 encounter (well, not including the playoffs back in January). Following on from their #4 vs #11 game against Ole Miss in week one, Florida State are possibly surprised to find themselves ranked #2, and even more surprised to find Louisville ranked #10. Let’s face it, Lamar Jackson is ranked #10:

And with your appetites whetted, here’s the rest of this week’s slate, including seven games on the BT Sport family of channels, and three of the four all-ranked games:

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CFB 2016 Week 2 UKTV Guide

What a breathless week 1 of action that was! With most teams setting their marquee games for the season opener, they’ve all decided to take it easy into week 2, leading to a less-than-impressive slate of games for us.

Much more impressive is the work of Eversport, who have negotiated free access to all Big Ten Network and FCS Big Sky games this season, as well as two weeks free of the Pac-12 Network (and there may be more if viewing figures are high enough).

But enough of that, on with the listings. What you’ll find below is every game on the BT Sport family of channels, as well as where to find all of the top 25’s games:

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CFB 2016 Week 1 UKTV Guide

Although we’re still a week out from Labor Day weekend, college football actually starts THIS SATURDAY! Every week (where possible) I’ll bring you the listings for all the games on BT Sport, plus the marquee games on the online streaming services – ESPN Player, Eversport, CBS Online and NBC. Where a game involving a top ten team isn’t available in the UK, I’ll list what channel it is on, but struck through. So here we go…

Saturday 27 August
3am – California vs Hawaii in Sydney (BTS ESPN, ESPN Player)
12.30am Sun – Charleston Southern @ North Dakota State (BTS3, ESPN Player)

Thursday 1 September
12.30am Fri – Appalacian State @ #9 Tennessee (ESPN Player)
1am Fri – South Carolina @ Vanderbilt (BTS ESPN, ESPN Player)

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2016 College Football UKTV guide

The ways to watch college football are essentially unchanged from 2015 for UK fans going into the 2016-17 season. ThorpesSportingThoughts will do it’s best to keep you abreast of all the action this year, but there may be weeks where life gets in the way. Keep your eyes on the NFLUK Forum, where some others step in if I can’t do it for a week.

But without further ado, here’s how to get your college fix this autumn. Essentially there’s a selection of options for watching college football on UK TV, and they’re related to who’s showing what in the US. First, if you look at you can see what channel games are on in the USA, then see how that translates to one of the following options:

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2015 NFLUK Top 25 – Week 13

Firstly, massive apologies for the lateness of this post. On December 1st, work introduced a massive clampdown on net usage where you have to justify to ICT why you need access to a website before they’ll add it to a “safe” list, and I figured asking them to release might not be the best career move. Then I was sick from Thursday to Sunday, and could barely bring myself to watch this weekend’s games let alone go on the laptop at home, so…

Without further ado, here is the Week 13 ranking:

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College Football UK TV Listings – Championship Week

College Football gets a whole lot more simple from here on out. Win, and you’re a champion; win, and you’re still alive; lose, and you’re done. There’s no room for nuance now, every game has a significant implication one way or another, either for a bowl game or the ultimate goal – the College Football Playoff.

Saturday’s slate (plus the one game on Friday) may be smaller than previous weeks, but it’s about as mouth-watering as they come. Five all-ranked matchups, two involving two top-10 teams, one outright playoff quarter-final, and a couple of win-and-in games for the New Year’s Six.

Unlike the usual TV blog, here’s a breakdown of each conference’s title game (rank #s from AP):

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2015 NFLUK Top 25 – Week 12

Wk 12 rank

With every week that passes this college football season, it gets simultaneously easier to rank teams and harder to rank teams. The field of potential playoff contenders gets smaller and smaller, and the resumes of those teams become easier to differentiate, but then those teams start losing too and you have to scrabble around to fill your top ten.

Take the Big Ten, for example. For weeks, we had a leader in Ohio State with Michigan State and Iowa a little behind. Then the Spartans lost to a Nebraska side struggling to get bowl eligible, and dropped out of contention… until this week when they handled Ohio State and reduced the list of unbeaten Big Ten teams down to one.

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College Football UK TV Listings – Week 13

Here is it, then: Thanksgiving Week. The biggest week of college football so far, and everything November has been leading up to. The last week of the regular season always contains a bunch of what we would call “derbies” here in the UK, and almost all of them carry some kind of postseason significance.

Yes, a lot of the conference division titles are already decided, but those division champions still face trap games that could severely mess up their hopes of playing on New Year’s Eve and beyond.

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2015 NFLUK Top 25 – Week 11

Week 11 Rankings

And thus endeth another week where three of our top ten lost, and further reduced the list of teams with a chance of making the playoffs. LSU and Stanford both suffered their second loss and are now out of contention entirely, while Baylor slid eight spots to #13 but still have their destiny in their own hands.

The top four itself is unchanged, with Clemson hanging on to their spot at the top with an average performance at Syracuse, with Ohio State, Alabama, Oklahoma State and Notre Dame all just recording their wins to keep things ticking over ahead of another big week in college football

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