England’s cricket failure – Blame Sky

There’s probably a longer blog to post out of this, but this is just stream-of-consciousness stuff: I firmly believe that England’s abysmal showing in the cricket world cup is a direct delayed response to the ECB selling all the television rights to Sky.

If a sport ceases to be regularly available at a reasonable hour on free-to-air tv, then where do the governing body think kids are going to get into their sports? If you’re a kid whose vaguely into sport and you’re channel hopping on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, you’re going to stop at the channel that is showing live sport, and if as part of that broadcast they show you how you too can have a go, you’ll be hooked.

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College Football UK TV Listings – Week 12

Just when you thought there were enough hours in a Saturday to watch football, here comes a week where you’ll be channel hopping to your heart’s content for seven hours. Between 5pm Saturday and 7am Sunday you’ll be able to watch 11 of the top 25 in action live.

It’s all built around the SEC West eliminator in Tuscaloosa, which gets prime position on BT Sport 2 at 8.30pm. Everyone else on TV this week is ultimately jostling for position in the New Years’ Bowls, but the whole Saturday slate promises to be thrillers…

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NFLUK College Football Poll 2014, Week 10

Delayed posting this week due to technical issues. If the season ended today, the final four would see #1 Mississippi State meet #4 Oregon, and #2 Florida State take on #3 Auburn…

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College Football UK TV Listings – Week 11

The number of games on TV this week has, quite simply, gone bonkers. We’ve got games coming out of our ears! Remember, there’s two live games tonight in the MAC, before the NINE other Week 11 games in the following four days as well as three other games shown as-live across UK channels.

Admittedly there is a quantity over quality issue this week. Only five of this week’s live games come from Power 5 conferences, and three of those promise to be one-sided blowouts, whilst we even have an FCS game for our enjoyment this week on Thursday night. Admittedly, Friday’s Utah State at Wyoming clash in the Mountain West should be fun, but playoff implications…? Not so much.

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NFLUK College Football Poll 2014, Week 9

Well, if the CFB Playoff Selection Committee can announce their rankings based entirely around “Who’s In”, then who am I to argue. If the college football season were to end today, and six NFLUK Forum members were making up the selection committee, the inaugural CFB Playoff would look like this:

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College Football UK TV Listings – Week 10

Who’d have thought that, in the first week of games since the new CFB Playoff Selection Committee announced their first ever rankings, we’d have a clash between two of the teams who are provisionally “in”? And who’d have thought that it would also be on UK TV too?!

Yes, the first weekend in November has been the source of a number of top matchups in recent years, and this year adds #3 Auburn at #4 Ole Miss to the list of marquee games. With the clocks not changing in the US until after this weekend’s games it means that games aren’t quite so crushingly late either.

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NFLUK College Football Poll 2014, Week 8

Last week’s marquee matchup lived up to the hype, as #2 FSU knocked off #7 Notre Dame 31-27 in a thriller in Tallahassee. The Irish hung with the Seminoles, and so only slipped two spots on this week’s rankings, which is more than could be said for last week’s #4.

The #13 Baylor Bears got stomped up and down by Clint Trickett his #21 Mountaineers, who announced themselves as a potential Big XII contender themselves, and hope to build on that when they travel to Stillwater on Saturday to face an Okie State side fresh off defeat to #10 TCU.

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College Football UK TV Listings – Week 9

After a mad, mad, mad few weeks of games where ranked teams have been facing ranked teams and the Top 25 has been shaken up completely, college football is taking a collective breath before an enormous five-Saturday November that will dictate “Who’s In”.

With the World Series in full swing, live games are limited this week, and with a quiet slate of games you can’t really argue with the two games chosen – one featuring the #1 team against a surprising in-conference foe, the other featuring the only team unbeaten in Big 12 play trying to prove their credentials.

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College Football UK TV Listings – Week 8

Saturday’s ESPN slate is a bit of a no-brainer this week. There’s only one all-ranked game not on Fox in each time slot, so that’s what we get. There’s another pivotal Big 12 game at 5pm and a return to Tuscaloosa for Texas A&M at 8.30, all leading up to the big unbeaten clash between Everett Golson and Jameis Winston.

Also, baseball is nearly over. We are just a couple of weekends away from having the late schedule entirely open for college football games rather than splitting time. The way things have been going, I’d be astonished if the ALCS goes seven games anyway this week, so that may free up Friday (1am) and Saturday (1am) slots.

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NFLUK College Football Poll 2014, Week 7

1 (LW #3, AP #1) Mississippi State Bulldogs – 172 (5 – Statto00, Chris Caulfield, dailywaffle, stu_t, oglalakev)
2 (2, 2) Florida State Seminoles – 165 (2 – Florida State, cleecougar)
3 (4, 3) Ole Miss Rebels – 163
4 (5, 4) Baylor Bears – 156
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